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5 Top Wedding Trends

5 Top Wedding Trends

If you're looking for wedding inspiration, don't miss this issue. Today I will share the top 10 popular trends for weddings in 2024 from abroad.


1. More colors

Weddings in 2024 will bring us more colors! For example, the jewelry tones chosen, the bridesmaid dresses in different shades, and the color-blocked flowers used to decorate the aisles at the wedding venue. A lot of color, but in a sophisticated and fun style.

In addition to clothing and flowers, food can be as colorful as fashion and decoration, with a variety of colorful dishes and drinks at the wedding. Maybe a rainbow-colored dessert table filled with brightly colored candies, or a drinks table filled with colorful cocktails and champagne are also worthy of inspiration!

2. Custom dance floor

If you want to plan a colorful wedding, consider a wedding dance floor that matches the colors of your wedding theme and try creating a custom patterned stage. It can also be a dance floor filled with flowers, or a colorful checkered dance floor and a dance floor designed with romantic hanging flowers + disco flash balls!

3. Caramel wedding

Terracotta shades are a warm, earthy color scheme. It includes deep reds, oranges and browns and is perfect for a fall or outdoor themed wedding.

Use terracotta linen tablecloths and decorations such as napkins and table flowers on your wedding tables; also choose bridesmaid dresses in burnt orange or terracotta; incorporate terracotta flowers and greenery into your bridal bouquets and floral arrangements middle.

4. Creative wedding aisle

A unique wedding aisle is a fun and creative way to add a personal touch to your wedding and make a lasting impression on your friends and guests. If you want to make your big day extra special, a statement wedding aisle is a great choice!

5. Sustainable eco-friendly wedding

The environmentally friendly theme of sustainability is a trend worth paying attention to in the wedding industry.

Choose an environmentally friendly venue. Look for venues with environmentally friendly measures and reduce the proportion of meat in your menu selections. Use eco-friendly decor, choose decorations made from sustainable materials such as bamboo or recycled paper, and consider using potted flowers to reduce waste.

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