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5 Ways To Decorate White Walls
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5 Ways To Decorate White Walls

A large white wall is like a large canvas. Adding different decorative elements can present different visual effects.

5 decoration inspirations to teach you how to make a white wall glow with unique charm and show your personal taste.


1. Hang decorative paintings

Decorative paintings are the most common way to decorate walls. A beautiful decorative painting can instantly bring life to a wall. If the wall is spacious enough, you can use multiple paintings to create an art wall, which can enrich the visual effect. Daily photography can also be displayed, giving a wall a rich literary and artistic atmosphere.

2. Hang a mirror

Mirrors are not only practical, but also beautify the space. Those unique decorative mirrors can add elegance to the interior. Small decorative mirrors have a decorative effect, while larger mirrors can also extend the vision and increase light.

3. Hang your hat

Some people like to collect various knitted hats, so they might as well hang them up as an art display. In addition to hanging in the bedroom, the hat can also be hung in the entrance hall, living room, etc., and paired with other handmade products or decorative paintings, you can create a unique wall.

4. Hang rattan woven products

Rattan products retain the original texture and texture of plants, and hanging them on the wall can bring a rich natural flavor to the space. Rattan products also come in different patterns and colors, which are more decorative and are very suitable for creating pastoral, simple, Nordic, Japanese and other styles.

5. Hang guitar

If you have a guitar, hang it up. The guitar itself has a strong artistic flavor. Hanging it on the wall can create a romantic and literary atmosphere. In addition, the unique shape and graceful lines of the guitar can be integrated with a variety of styles, making it a very good way to display creativity.

These creative ideas will not only make the walls unique, but will also ignite our passion for exploring living spaces and enhance our love for home decoration.

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