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6 Inspirations For Space Layout
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6 Inspirations For Space Layout

How to create a space with life aesthetics? Here are 6 small space decoration inspirations to make your home warm and interesting.


1. Gentle cotton and linen series

The touch is the most sensitive to warmth. In cold weather, you can choose household items made of soft materials. Soft cloth, fluff, wool... are all natural and thick materials.

Use fabric furniture instead of solid wood or iron rattan furniture, or wrap wooden seats with fabric materials. Furry carpets can not only be used as decorations, but also can cover the cold feeling brought by the ground.

2. Add appropriate color to your home

Warm color layout makes the environment warmer. Change the colors of bed covers, quilt covers, and curtains, such as red, eggplant purple, pink, orange, and yellow, to immediately change the overall visual effect.

The versatile wood color will make people feel warmer when used in the home, whether for large-area base or partial embellishment, and will never go wrong.

3. Gray + pink elegant space

The combination of high-end gray and pink is full of elegance and can be used together at any time. Can be paired with other bright tones for a romantic vibe.

4. Temperament Nordic style

Using three tones of black, white and gray as the basic style, the design of the living room is centered on a white lazy Nordic style sofa, paired with simple black wooden furniture, and green plants inject nature and vitality into the entire space.

The space is limited, so some Nordic-style vases and decorations can make the whole space feel warmer.

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