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6 Recommended Theme Colors For Spring Weddings In 2024
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6 Recommended Theme Colors For Spring Weddings In 2024

With the arrival of spring, April and May are particularly popular times for weddings, and spring is also the perfect time to host an outdoor wedding ceremony.

For spring weddings in 2024, we have carefully selected the top 6 spring color combinations to bring you some inspiration.


1. Pink+Gold+Navy Blue

For a softer spring color mix, consider opting for a pink, gold, and navy color vibe. This three color combination is reminiscent of the fresh and romantic flowers of spring.

Pink bridesmaid dresses, white bridal dress, pink bridal bouquet, groom's tie with pastel pink and corsage with pastel pink and navy blue groom and groomsmen dresses, pink and gold wedding invitations, table flowers with pink flowers, Gold cups and gold table number plates, wedding cake topped with pink and gold decorations…


2. Coral + Yellow + Light Gray

A gorgeous coral, yellow and light gray combo with some warm spring vibes. For brighter colors, try coral and yellow. Bridesmaids in coral dresses and bride in white wedding dress, light gray groom and groomsmen outfits with yellow corsage, coral and yellow wedding bouquets, white tablecloth with coral wedding table flowers and coral napkins, also available Choose a white wedding cake with coral accents.

3. Blue+Coral+Hot Pink

The combination of blue, coral and hot pink reveals a touch of elegance and brings something unique to your spring 2024 big day.

Blue bridesmaid dresses are very popular in spring weddings, white bride wedding dress, coral and hot pink combination bride holding bouquet, groom and groomsmen choose navy blue suit, coral tablecloth, hot pink table flowers, it all looks like Everything looks gorgeous, and a wedding cake with a pink floral decoration is perfect for a spring wedding.


4. Rose + Blue

Sophisticated rose and blue are the perfect color combination for spring 2024’s big days. Different styles of bridesmaid dresses, haze blue roses and white bride dresses, haze blue rose table flowers and blue plate decorations, outdoor wedding ceremony area and wedding cake decorated with blue flowers, etc...


5. Ice Blue + Peach Pink + Gray

For spring, choose lovely ice blue or colors with an early summer vibe, such as peach, ice blue and gray combinations are a good choice. Ice blue bridesmaid dresses, white bride wedding dress and peach pink bride holding bouquet, etc. The groom can choose gray suit + ice blue tie, groomsmen's blue + peach corsage, blue lacquered wooden wedding arch and peach flower decoration, A mix of blue and peach wedding table flowers.


6. Sage green + peach + gray

The natural texture of sage green combined with the color combination of peach and gray is super cute and brings a sense of comfort. These three color combinations will nicely balance the glamorous elements of each color for a spring wedding. Choose from sage green or gray men's gowns, peach bridal bouquets, white bridal gowns, gray or green bridesmaid dresses and peach bridesmaid corsages for the groom and groomsmen. Don’t forget to incorporate this color theme into other elements of your spring 2024 wedding, such as wedding table decorations, etc…


The above are the 6 color combinations recommended for spring weddings in 2024. Which one do you like best? Make arrangements for your wedding now!

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