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9 Best Ideas To Celebrate National Pet Day
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9 Best Ideas To Celebrate National Pet Day

National Pet Day is April 11th, and whether you’re already a devoted pet owner or you’re still learning how to better integrate pets into your life, there are plenty of ways to celebrate!

National Pet Day was founded in 2006 by animal rescue advocate, conservationist and author Colleen Page. ‍Colleen Page is also the planner of nine other pet festivals. ‍The original goal of National Pet Day was to encourage people to adopt pets and improve their health and well-being.

How To Celebrate National Pet Day

1. Donate pet supplies to local shelters

Used towels and blankets, bowls and toys can be donated. You might also consider picking up an extra bag of treats, a few cans of wet food, or even cat litter on your next trip to the store.

2. Donate to a national animal rescue organization

Major animal welfare and rescue operations across the country will gladly accept your support! 

3. Donate to your local animal shelter or rescue center

While large nonprofits have a major impact on national initiatives, small shelters and rescue groups in your area need your support, too.

4. Volunteer at a local animal shelter

Chances are your local animal shelters and rescues are in dire need of support. You can help walk the dog once a week, count donations and supplies, and organize their charts.

5. Supporting pet-loving brands that give back to society

You might consider buying pet products more consciously and supporting pet brands that give back to society and are good for the environment.

6. Read good news about pets

Part of the fun of celebrating pets also means celebrating the good news about these beloved animals.

7. Celebrate National Pet Day at work

Some great ways to celebrate National Pet Day at work include bringing your pet to work (if possible!), sharing photos of your pet in your company newsletter, or planning a team volunteer event at a local shelter or rescue center.

8. Make some recyclable toys or treats for your pet

It really doesn't take much to impress our pets, so why not try some DIY upgrade toys?

9. Adopt a shelter pet

National Pet Day is all about letting more pets have safe and loving homes. If conditions permit, you may consider accommodating a new pet.

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