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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Suede Fabric

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Suede Fabric

Many people don't know what kind of fabric suede is. It feels like leather but not leather. Let's take a detailed look at the advantages and disadvantages of suede fabric and how to clean suede.

What kind of fabric is suede?

Suede is a fabric made from suede leather. But suede is not all made of suede velvet. It can be divided into natural and artificial. Artificial suede methods include woven, knitted, non-woven fabrics, etc. In the current cloth market, suede actually mostly refers to various types of imitation leather, such as denim imitation leather, warp imitation leather, weft imitation leather, warp knitted imitation leather, and double-sided imitation leather. Velvet, elastic imitation leather, etc. Therefore, when we want to buy real natural suede, we must look clearly and pay attention to the distinction.

Advantages of suede fabric

1. High-end and tasteful

2. Comfort

3. Excellent waterproof and breathable performance

4. Strong decontamination ability


Disadvantages of suede fabric

1. Not resistant to dirt

2. Cleaning complex

3. Poor water resistance

4. High price


Natural suede is a fabric made of suede velvet, but there are actually very few real natural suedes on the market, and most of them are imitations, but some imitation suedes have good textures. Most clothes made of suede have a retro feel, are beautiful and unique, and other items made of suede are also very durable.


How to clean suede?

If the suede is stained with dust or dripping with oil, first wipe off the dust on the surface with a dry cloth, and then gently wipe the surface with a soft cloth. Then use a special rubber brush to straighten the hair on the suede in one direction, because only when the suede hairs are facing in the same direction will the entire leather show a uniform color. Finally, the suede leather renovating agent can be used once every one to two weeks. After completing the above care, spray the renovating agent evenly on the suede surface and let it dry overnight.

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