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7 Creative Easter Eggs
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7 Creative Easter Eggs

Easter is coming soon, and colored eggs are one of the symbols of luck. Today, we are going to DIY various Easter eggs.


1. Hand painted egg

Pick up the brushes and paints in your hands and paint beautiful patterns on the eggs. You can even give them as gifts to others. Use these eggs to add more fun to your life.

2. Watercolor eggs

Use watercolors to create a smudged effect, and then hang the Easter eggs on the tree for decoration, which is simple and fun to suit the occasion.

3. Egg shell candles

Crack the egg shells, drop in candle oil and put on the candle string. The finished egg candle holder is still a very beautiful decoration.

4. Printed eggs

Print words directly on the easter eggs, use them as a three-dimensional greeting card, and then make them into small gift boxes to give to friends, which will be super impressive.

5. Felt Egg

If you also have some felt cloth and related materials at home, it will be more unique to decorate Easter eggs.

6. Animal eggs

With the help of colored paper and non-woven fabrics, you can make new patterns and turn Easter eggs into super cute animals.

7. Little character easter egg

Make handicrafts or artistic creations more story-like, then draw a variety of cute expressions and make up stories together.


Use these cute Easter eggs to spend your free time. Hope these creative ideas can bring you a colorful Easter experience.

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