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How To Arrange The Restaurant Table To Stimulate Appetite?

How To Arrange The Restaurant Table To Stimulate Appetite?

A beautiful table setting can fully arouse the appetite and emotions of diners, allowing them to enjoy a visual feast before even starting to eat...

Tableware, tablecloths, napkins, etc. are all in colorful colors. After being designed and arranged, the dining atmosphere will be more pleasant and comfortable.


1. Exquisite and simple color matching

When setting the table, the colors should not be too many. First determine the main color, which can be the color of the table itself or the color of the tablecloth. White is the most classic and versatile color. Embellished with bright gold and fresh green, it will look more refined and comfortable.

The atmosphere creation of colors can also be in line with the four seasons and festivals. Different colors can be used to enhance the atmosphere and create a different sense of ceremony.


2. Choose tablecloths to show your charm

If the dining table itself is of high quality, there is no need to cover it all with a tablecloth. A simple long tablecloth is placed in the center of the dining table, which not only plays a decorative role, but also enhances the charm of the dining table itself.

The preferred material for tablecloths is cotton, linen or washed cotton, which has texture, touch and texture. The style of the tablecloth can be adapted to the scene. In addition, the length of the tablecloth should also be appropriate. If it is too short or too long, it will affect the overall style.


3. The use of placemats should fit the scene

The purpose of using placemats is to insulate from heat and soup, decorate the tabletop, and reduce stains on the table. The choice of placemats should suit the theme of the restaurant.

Placemats vary greatly in shape, color, material, etc. When choosing and using them, you should pay attention to the fit of the scene and give the dining experience a richer sense of hierarchy.


4. The arrangement of flowers and plants should be fresh

Fresh flowers, vines, potted plants, branches, etc. can be used to decorate the tabletop and create a fresh and natural atmosphere.

The plants can be directly decorated on the dining table, or they can be trimmed and placed in a vase before being placed on the dining table to give the dining table an overall aesthetic look.


5. The stacking of napkins needs to be changed

Napkins can be folded into various shapes, such as bouquets, small animals, and bows. The color of the napkins should be chosen according to the overall atmosphere. Decorating with 1-2 kinds of beautiful flowers will make it feel warmer and more comfortable.

It is best to choose pure cotton or linen napkins. Paper napkins will instantly reduce the style of the table arrangement and ruin the atmosphere.

In addition, creating a restaurant atmosphere is inseparable from music and lighting. Music can give the dining atmosphere more agility, making it more lively, comfortable and relaxed.

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