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How To Choose A Color Scheme For Wedding
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How To Choose A Color Scheme For Wedding

Choosing a wedding theme color can be daunting for many couples during the wedding preparation process. In this article, we will highlight some tips on choosing a wedding color scheme and how to incorporate your chosen wedding colors into your wedding design. Today I would like to share with you the following tips to easily help you determine the color scheme for your wedding.

Decide on a theme tone, heme colors can set the mood of your wedding.


1. Basic principles

Choose from three or five colors. Use an odd grouping to create a cohesive look that works for any interior design. For example, three taper candles look better on the dining table than four, and five flowers look better than six in a vase.

The same goes for your wedding colors. Odd numbers create more visual interest. Three or five colors are ideal. If you pick too many colors, the wedding may look cluttered, and if you only pick one or two, the wedding may look dull.

2. Site factors

A specific type of venue will influence the color of your wedding. If your wedding venue is a historic castle, this will narrow down your wedding color options. Choose colors that match the venue. If you choose a so-called "blank slate" venue, such as a tent, an old industrial warehouse, or a sunroom, you don't have to worry about color clashes.


3. Seasonal influence

While wedding colors should match your wedding season, there are some colors that work well at specific times of year. Here are some seasonal examples:

Spring: Pastel colors such as ivory, pink, rose pink, peach, lavender and sage green.

Summer: Bright colors like yellow, green, orange, coral, pink and teal.

Fall: Jewel tones and warm earth tones like emerald green, ruby ​​red, fuchsia, mustard, terracotta and taupe.

Winter: Cool colors such as grey-blue, silver and gray. The black and gold combination also looks stunning.


4. Wedding theme

In addition to the above points, equally important are the wedding theme and wedding style. By narrowing down the theme and style of your wedding appropriately, it may be easier to choose the color palette for your wedding. Here are some recommended colors:

Classic: Elegant, neutral colors such as grey, black, white, ivory or beige. 

Vintage style: Think brown and rose gold combination. In addition, turquoise, rose, cantaloupe and honeydew are also good choices.

Urban Industrial Style: The beauty of an industrial-themed wedding is that any color palette can go from neutrals to dark to vibrant colors. 

Tropical theme: Bright, warm colors like warm yellow, bright coral and peach. Additionally, teal, purple, green, and orange are gorgeous in tropical weddings.

Boho: Warm earthy and jewel tones like mustard, terracotta, sage, violet, ruby ​​red and emerald.

Yacht Theme: For a houseboat or yacht themed wedding, you can’t go wrong with coral, fuchsia, and navy.

The color of the wedding also determines the atmosphere of the wedding. If you want to create some fun wedding elements, choose darker colors and add metallic accents. If you want a fresh or story-telling wedding effect, choose pastel colors.

Choosing a theme color for a wedding is a fun and exciting process, and I hope everyone can choose their favorite wedding color.

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