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3 Easter Themes Make The Wedding Full Of Childlike Fun!
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3 Easter Themes Make The Wedding Full Of Childlike Fun!

Easter is one of the traditional Christian festivals, and colored eggs and rabbits are the most representative mascots. What surprises will there be if you incorporate elements of rabbits and eggs into the wedding party decoration?


Alice In Wonderland

In Alice In Wonderland, Mr. White Rabbit’s English tea time inspired us to decorate! Use the contrast between space and object size to create novel and interesting visual effects.

Rabbit-shaped gardening or sculptures make the layout full of childlike interest, lively, lively and cute.

Natural-style floral arrangements are paired with various British tea sets and old wooden chairs of various colors to create a rich and full arrangement from all levels. It is definitely the highlight of the wedding

Every detail is exquisite, and the costume elements of the characters in the fairy tale slowly bring the guests into the plot of the story...


Easter-Themed Barn Wedding

The bamboo baskets where Easter eggs are placed have become decorations in the reception area, with various sizes and styles, decorated with natural floral arrangements, which are eye-catching!

Everywhere you can see is decorated with bunny elements, which is cute and warm.


Peter Rabbit Party

Children love Easter games and food even more. Of course, parties are also a must. Peter Rabbit is the most famous protagonist of children's books in the UK. Such a party will definitely make the children scream with joy!

Worried about eating too much dessert? Then bring in more fruits and vegetables~ The table flower decorations of cabbage and carrots are also novel and interesting, and you can even cook after the party! Haha~

Such a wedding about rabbits, eggs and colors makes us gain innocence and cuteness.

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