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How To Turn 55 Square Meters Of Space Into A Comfortable Residence?
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How To Turn 55 Square Meters Of Space Into A Comfortable Residence?

Even a small house can be made into a comfortable, warm and retro residence.

Let’s see how to do it.


PART 01 Choose brown tones

Brown tones have a cozy vibe. Whether it is furniture, carpets, wall decorations, ornaments, etc., various shades of brown will interweave a warm and harmonious space.

Brown belongs to the earth color system, which reminds people of soil and earth, giving people a natural, warm and simple feeling. This color also naturally fits in with the retro style, often adding a strong retro flavor to the interior design.


PART 02 Pay attention to wall decoration

In addition to various retro decorative paintings, there are also handmade products, green plants, etc., which are all useful for decorating the walls.

The background wall can be a display area for art collections, or you can place some cherished small objects to make this wall full of stories and emotions.


PART 03 Personalized decorative ornaments

If you have an exquisite sideboard, you can place some interesting dolls, exquisite iron art, and wood carvings of various shapes. Ceramic cups with different shapes can not only be used daily, but also add a touch of bright color to the space.

In the kitchen, you can choose some simple but high-quality tableware and place them on display racks, which are not only convenient for daily use, but also have the effect of beautifying the space.

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