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Is It Normal For Linen Bedding To Shed Loose Lint? How Should We Maintain Linen Bedding?

Is It Normal For Linen Bedding To Shed Loose Lint? How Should We Maintain Linen Bedding?

It is normal for linen bedding to shed lint. Linen fabric is a textile made from flax plant fiber and is a natural fiber. Different from chemical fibers, natural fibers will shed more or less lint. Even the pure cotton bedding we often use will shed lint, but the cotton fiber is very thin and we cannot easily detect it.

Today let’s talk about the advantages, disadvantages and maintenance tips of linen bedding!

Advantages of linen bedding

1. Naturally breathable and hygroscopic

Linen fiber is porous, which makes it naturally breathable and moisture absorbent. Linen is more breathable than pure cotton and silk, can keep you dry, and is non-sticky and non-sticky!

2. Strong toughness and long service life

In addition to synthetic fibers, linen fabric is the strongest type of textile. It has high fiber strength and is not easy to tear, so it has a long service life. Its wet strength is greater than dry strength and it is more resistant to washing.

3. Anti-static, anti-allergic and antibacterial

Linen bedding has good anti-allergic properties. Pure linen bedding produces almost no static electricity. If it is a blended fabric, containing 10% linen can have an anti-static effect.


Disadvantages of Linen Bedding

1. Shed Loose Lint

Linen fabric is made by twisting flax into yarn. During the twisting process, there are many cotton-like floating hairs on the surface. When you first start using it, there will be more floating hair. According to the correct washing method, the floating hair will be reduced after washing several times.

2. Easy to wrinkle

Although linen has strong toughness, it has no elasticity, wrinkles easily, and cannot return to its original shape after deformation. For linen bedding, this is both a disadvantage and an advantage, because many people like it. It has a wrinkled texture that looks artistic yet high-end.


Linen care precautions

1. Large amount of water, low water temperature

Linen is extremely absorbent, so whether you wash it by hand or machine, you need a lot of water! If this is your first time washing, it is recommended to soak it in plenty of cold water several times to rinse away the floating hair.

When adding detergent, make sure the detergent is fully dissolved in the water. Do not pour detergent directly onto the fabric. This can easily cause dirty rinsing, and residual detergent ingredients will cause spots and color differences on the bedding.

2. Wash gently and dry naturally

Wash gently, and the washing time should not be too long to avoid damage to the linen fiber. Use squeezing to remove moisture, lay it as flat as possible before drying, and turn over multiple times during drying to avoid wrinkles and creases.

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