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Practical And Creative Napkin Folding Methods

Practical And Creative Napkin Folding Methods

Table settings add ambience to a dinner party, cocktail hour or small gathering. Share several ways to fold napkins to make your dining table more interesting.


1. Classic single-port napkin folding method

  • 1. Fold the napkin in half.
  • 2. Fold the napkin on the front side in half and keep the bottom side still.
  • 3. Fold the napkin in half from left to right.
  • 4. Fold left and right again.

After completion, a single pocket will be formed on the front, into which you can put tableware, cards, flowers, dried fruits, etc., and tie it with a ribbon or hemp rope.


2. Rose napkin folding method

  • 1. Fold the napkin in half into a triangle.
  • 2. Start from the bottom edge and roll it up until a small triangle is left.
  • 3. Start rolling from left to right until it can no longer be rolled, and tuck the tail inside the napkin.
  • 4. Fold the extra napkin out to make a petal shape.


3. Bishop's hat napkin

  • 1. Lay the napkin face down in front of you, fold the bottom two corners to align with the top two corners, and let the open side face up. Fold the upper right corner to the bottom center point.
  • 2. Fold the lower left corner toward the top center point. Turn the napkin over so that the sharp corner of one triangle is facing up and the sharp corner of the other triangle is facing down.
  • 3. Fold the bottom in half, keeping the triangle with the sharp corner on the left facing downwards. Expand the right corner of the triangle.
  • 4. Lift the sharp corner of the right triangle upward to open the triangle. Grab the leftmost corner and fold it inward to create a gap in the middle of the bottom corner.
  • 5. Fold the top corner of the triangle you just opened back down. You should now be able to see the outline of the bishop's hat. There are two sharp corners on the top of the napkin, and there is also one corner on the far right.
  • 6. Grab the rightmost corner, pull it to the left, and tuck it into the left triangular pocket. A gap will be formed in the middle of the right triangle's sharp corner. Stand the napkin up and done!


4. Fallen leaf napkin

  • 1. Fold the napkin in half into a triangle
  • 2. Fold the left side to the center line like a fan
  • 3. Fold the right side like a fan to the center line
  • 4. Tie with napkin ring or ribbon
  • 5. Arrange it and it will be the shape of the leaves.


Don't neglect napkins, they will make your dining table more lively.

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