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Research And Development Of Moisture-Absorbent And Quick-Drying Fabrics

Research And Development Of Moisture-Absorbent And Quick-Drying Fabrics

At present, the moisture-absorbing and quick-drying fabrics on the market are nothing more than two categories: moisture-absorbing and quick-drying fibers and moisture-absorbing and quick-drying finishing.

Among them, moisture-absorbing and quick-drying fibers are mainly made of polyester or nylon into special-shaped cross-sections, such as "ten" shape, "Y" shape, "H" shape, etc. use the grooves on the surface of the fiber to quickly conduct sweat or moisture from the inner layer to the outer layer for evaporation. There are also fibers made into a honeycomb structure. The principle and effect are basically similar to the special-shaped cross-section; For post-finishing, moisture-absorbing and sweat-wicking finishing agents are used to finish polyester knitted fabrics or moisture-absorbing and quick-drying finishing agents are used to finish nylon-ammonium knitted fabrics, which can also meet the moisture-absorbing and quick-drying requirements. The disadvantage is that the moisture-absorbing and quick-drying effect gradually decreases with the increase in the number of washes. Therefore, the durability of its quick-drying function deserves further study.

Some researchers randomly tested 20 batches of quick-drying clothing products on the market. Judging from the results, there are a large number of unqualified phenomena in quick-drying clothing products. Among them, the top three reasons for non-compliance are moisture permeability and dripping water diffusion time. , the breathability index is unqualified. Therefore, it is very important to develop moisture-absorbent and quick-drying sports fabrics that meet standard requirements.

In response to the above problems, new polyethylene (PE) fiber is interwoven with fine-denier high F-number polyester (PET). Through structural design and dyeing and finishing process optimization, moisture-absorbing and quick-drying composite functional sports fabrics are developed. The appearance of the developed fabric The quality is excellent, the cloth surface is smooth and the color is uniform, and there are no obvious dyeing abnormalities.

From a performance perspective, the super-absorbent and quick-drying fabric developed has excellent moisture-absorbing and quick-drying properties, and all indicators have passed the test. Among them, the dripping diffusion time is 1.6 and 1.4s respectively before and after washing, and the water absorption rate is 244% and 246% respectively before and after washing. The dripping diffusion time and water absorption rate comprehensively reflect the fabric's performance when the human body is sweating. The ability to absorb sweat. In addition, the longitudinal wicking height and transverse wicking height of the fabric before and after washing are much higher than the standard values, indicating that moisture can be fully diffused on its surface. The moisture permeability of the fabric before and after washing also exceeds the standard requirements, indicating that it is comfortable to wear.

Super absorbent and quick-drying fabrics also have excellent moisture wicking properties. This is because the permeability surface is composed of high F-number special-shaped cross-section polyester. The increase in F-number greatly increases the specific surface area and fiber gap of the yarn, which is conducive to increasing the water absorption rate. The special special-shaped cross-section structure allows water to be channeled along the fiber cross-section. The groove spreads rapidly, so the soaking time and water absorption rate are greatly increased; the one-way transfer index of the fabric is more than 6 times the standard value, and has excellent one-way transfer effect. This is due to the use of the skin-adhering surface in the fabric structure design. The non-hydrophilic PE fiber has a "drainage" effect, while the high F-number special-shaped cross-section polyester used on the permeable surface has a strong "water-absorbing" effect. Under the promotion of one "row" and one "absorption", the water quickly escapes from the skin. surface is transferred to the penetration surface.

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