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Textile Industry Trend—Environmentally Friendly Recycled Fabrics
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Textile Industry Trend—Environmentally Friendly Recycled Fabrics

As people become more loyal to sustainable development, the international and domestic demand for green recycled fiber products has been amplified, and recycled fabrics are one of them.

What is recycled fabrics

Recycled fabric is a new type of environmentally friendly fabric. The raw materials of recycled non-woven fabric are extracted from discarded mineral water bottles and Coke bottles. It is also called RPET fabric (non-woven fabric). Because this kind of non-woven fabric is the reuse of waste, it is very popular overseas, especially in developed countries in Europe and the United States.

Recycled polyester fabric, also called RPET fabric, is the repeated recycling of waste plastic products, which can reduce over-reliance on petroleum resources and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Currently, PET bottles (plastic bottles) are recycled into recycled polyester fiber and are being widely used in textiles.

Characteristics of recycled fabrics 

1. Recycled fabrics can reduce the use of petroleum. Every ton of recycled fabrics (RPET) used can save 6 tons of petroleum, which unknowingly contributes to environmental protection.
2. One plastic bottle = carbon emission reduction of 25.2g = fuel saving of 0.52cc = water saving of 88.6cc
3. This environmentally friendly yarn has passed the internationally recognized recyclability standard GRS certification and the authoritative certification of the U.S. SCS Environmental Protection Agency, so it has a high degree of international recognition.

The use of recycled fabric

1. Industrial categories: mountaineering bags, satchels, school bags, computer bags, trolley cases, suitcases, shopping bags, handbags, gift bags, storage boxes, ice bags, medical bags, etc.;

2. Clothing: down (cold-proof) clothing, windbreakers, jackets, beach shorts, swimsuits, anti-static overalls, fashion, pajamas, sportswear, etc.;

Home textiles: four-piece bed sets, blankets, toys, fashionable chair covers, aprons, umbrellas, curtains, Western restaurant tablecloths, baby strollers, etc.;

3. Others: tents, sleeping bags, hat materials, shoe materials, car accessories, etc.

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