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The New Summer Favorite In The Textile Industry - Bamboo Fiber
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The New Summer Favorite In The Textile Industry - Bamboo Fiber

The new generation of mats made from raw bamboo fiber overcomes many of the shortcomings of bamboo mats and can also take into account the original functions of bamboo mats. Want to know why? Come and take a look.

Bamboo fiber is a kind of cellulose fiber extracted from bamboo. It is the fifth largest natural fiber after cotton, linen, wool and silk. As a rich source of native cellulose fiber, it has attracted people's attention due to its renewable nature and environmental protection.

The middle part of the original bamboo fiber is full of irregular oval gaps, which have a significant capillary effect and can absorb and evaporate water in a short time, which fully proves the hygroscopic performance of the original bamboo fiber.

Compared with cotton, ramie, wool, and silk, bamboo raw fiber has good physical and mechanical properties. The density of bamboo raw fiber is equivalent to that of cotton and ramie, and the fiber is thinner and longer, with a comparable elongation.

The normal physiological activities of the bamboo itself interact with the surrounding environment. For example, the common bamboo fiber has antibacterial, deodorizing and UV protection properties.

Textile is the most widely used field of bamboo fiber. Bamboo raw fiber can be either pure spun or blended, either ring spun or open-end spun. It can also be blended or interwoven in different proportions with cotton, Tencel, modal, linen, silk, polyester, acrylic and other fibers.

The internal structural characteristics of bamboo fiber enable it to have good moisture absorption, moisture removal and breathability properties, as well as antibacterial, deodorizing, UV protection and other functions. It is suitable for making summer clothing, underwear, sportswear, towels and bedding, etc. and human skin. Intimate contact with textiles. Through compounding with other materials, various new fabrics such as mosquito repellent, disease treatment, food insulation, warning and early warning, photovoltaic charging, etc. have been developed, which expands the textile function of bamboo raw fiber and increases the added value.

Bamboo raw fiber has the excellent characteristics of high strength, good stiffness, renewable and degradable. In addition to being brilliant in the field of home textiles, it is also widely used in industry, agriculture and other fields. Its derived products can adapt to more complex environments and have huge market potential.

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