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These 5 Decoration Rules Must Be Broken
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These 5 Decoration Rules Must Be Broken

In the world of home design, there are many rules that are designed to avoid possible future distress and inconvenience. However, many so-called design rules are often too arbitrary, and they restrict individuals from maximizing the use of space and the personalized expression of "home".

The following 6 "design principles" must be broken. They are outdated and misleading.


1. Furniture should lead design

Although furniture is the protagonist of a space, that doesn’t mean it has to take up all the light. Instead, we should let the walls lead the design. To take the focus away from the furniture, paint the walls a vibrant color, add layers of pattern with wallpaper, and use moldings to enhance exposed edges.

2. Don’t use dark colors in small spaces

Using dark colors in small spaces can often produce a distinctive effect. It can create a warm atmosphere and bring a strong visual impact. Walls painted in dark and rich tones can make a room appear more spacious as dark colors can make the walls appear to be receding, tricking the eye into thinking the walls are further away than they actually are.

3. The sofa should be in the center of the room

When designing a small space, the most important goal should be to maximize the use of space while avoiding overcrowding. This means that pushing the sofa into a corner may be the best design choice for limited space. This way, you can make the most of every inch of space.

4. All wood tones should match

Mixing wood tones isn’t about choosing the same wood color. The dining table doesn't need to perfectly match the sideboards, and the coffee table doesn't need to match the wooden floor. While all tones should coordinate, add contrasting wood to create visual interest and make the space feel more diverse.

5. Do not allow TV to float

In an ideal world, each TV would be embedded into a custom backdrop with beautiful woodwork. But reality is not always like this. Sometimes a floating TV is a good choice. Not only does it make the room feel lighter and larger, but it provides flexibility to the homeowners.

6. Ceilings must be neutral colors

People always ignore the ceiling. Instead the ceiling should be considered the fifth wall. Whether through wallpaper, architectural features or bold colours, ceilings are ideal for adding drama to a space. Whichever you choose, it's bound to draw your attention upward, tricking the eye into thinking the ceiling is higher and the room is more spacious.

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