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Things To Note When Setting Up The Table
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Things To Note When Setting Up The Table

There are some common mistakes when setting the table, see if you have made them.


1. Don’t over-arrange the table

A dining table with too many centerpieces looks crowded and cluttered.

2. Don’t mix too many colors

The flowers and decorations on the table can be matched with up to 3 different colors to create an elegant feel.

3. Don't forget the texture

Adding texture makes your table warmer and more interesting. Using wood, leather, fabric or silk, for example, can add sophistication to the table.

4. Don’t overuse fragrance

Do not use overly scented items as centerpieces on your dining table. It is not recommended to choose scented essential oil candles and flowers with strong fragrance. Your table shouldn’t be upstaged by these scents, or worse, it can mask the aroma of your food.

5. Don't be afraid to break the rules

Try to find interesting pieces in your home that can become the centerpiece of your table setting.

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