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Wedding Ideas To Make Your Wedding Stand Out

Wedding Ideas To Make Your Wedding Stand Out

One of the best ways to create a wedding that will wow your guests is to narrow down the style and theme of your ideal wedding to achieve your dream wedding vision. Today I’m sharing some amazing wedding ideas, hoping to bring you some inspiration.


1. Handmade Wedding Paper Products

Handmade paper goods are a new trend for eco-friendly weddings. You can have an eco-themed wedding, a truly green wedding idea, using sustainable items such as recyclable handmade paper that is completely wood-free. Having an eco-friendly wedding is a great way to start the journey of a lifetime.

2. Ice Cream Truck

Adding an ice cream truck to match the dessert table in a summer wedding is also a beautiful scenery in the wedding, and can also be used to replace the traditional cake dessert table.

3. Vintage Decoration

From vintage trunks to church pews for outdoor seating, to glass frames as seating charts, and antique windows, books, china and more to bring a vintage vibe to your wedding.

4. Single Variety Of Flower Decoration

Minimalism is a popular trend! Create stunning bridal bouquets, hanging floral arrangements and table decorations all from one flower! Although simple, it can produce huge visual impact!

5. Burnt Orange Themed Wedding Colors

A burnt orange wedding theme is a great way to add a vibrant and unique color to your wedding. This shade is perfect for couples with personality and boldness. Colors that complement burnt orange include a variety of natural shades, including browns, grays, dark and gray blues, and pinks.

6. Secret Garden Wedding

Romantic flowers, candlelight and a nearly perfect wedding venue will create a unique garden wedding. Weddings will look best in the spring and summer, when flowers are in bloom, making them more suitable for outdoor venues. Venues like botanical gardens and manor houses are great options for planning a secret garden wedding by adding dramatic candlelight, plentiful flowers and dazzling table decorations.

7. Unique Seat

Guest seating arrangements are an important part of a wedding. Dining tables of different sizes and shapes can be mixed together to provide a unique seating area. Get creative and mix and match from long to square or round tables, tables seem like a fun way to mix and match unique seating arrangements.

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