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2024 Russian International Textile Fabrics Exhibition (INTERFABRIC)
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2024 Russian International Textile Fabrics Exhibition (INTERFABRIC)

Name: 2024 Russian International Textile Fabrics Exhibition (INTERFABRIC)

Time: September 10-12, 2024

Location: Ruby Exhibition Center in Moscow, Russia

Sponsor: Russian Federation of Textile Industry Enterprises, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

Held period: twice a year

The Russian International Textile Fabrics Exhibition is the largest professional exhibition of fabric accessories and home textiles in Russia and Eastern Europe. It is organized by LEGPROMMEDIA LLC and has the support of the Russian Textile Industry Enterprise Association, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, and Russian Exports Center’s strong support.

The exhibition is a professional B2B platform for companies to promote textile products in the Russian market. In March 2024, the total exhibition area will exceed 30,000 square meters, with more than 900 domestic and foreign brand products on display. More than 900 companies from more than 10 countries and regions will participate in the exhibition, and a total of more than 30,000 professional visitors will attend the exhibition.

Range of exhibition

1. Clothing fabric area: all kinds of clothing fabrics;

2. Home textile area: all kinds of bedding fabrics, decorative fabrics, sofa fabrics, curtain fabrics, etc. All kinds of home textile products, bedding, curtains, tablecloths, towels and other home textile products;

3. Knitted fabric area: all kinds of knitted fabrics;

4. Leather fabric area: artificial fur fabrics, leather fabrics, natural fur;

5. Technical fabrics non-woven area: fireproof/waterproof/breathable fabrics, functional fabrics, outdoor sports fabrics, workwear fabrics, medical fabrics, non-woven fabrics, etc.;

6. Digital printing fabric area: digital printing fabrics of various materials;

7. Accessories area: yarn, zippers, buttons, trademarks, webbing, elastic bands, lace, embroidery, lace and other accessories;

8. Dye fillers and other raw materials area: dyes, chemicals and other raw materials for the textile industry; fillers such as feathers and silk floss;

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