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Brand&Designer Hong Kong and Macao delegations gather at 2024intertextile
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Brand&Designer Hong Kong and Macao delegations gather at 2024intertextile

The countdown to the 2024 Intertextile Noodles and Accessories Exhibition has begun! According to the list of business tour groups, we can find that the lineup of high-end buyers is very strong!

In this issue of the "intertextile Brand&Designer" Hong Kong and Macao tour group, we will introduce to you the Macao clothing fashion force composed of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, the Macao Clothing Industry Association, the Macao Clothing Brand Incubation Center, the Macao Fashion Culture Association, and Macao local fashion brands. Their arrival is an authoritative affirmation of intertextile's industry status and business results.

Among the business delegation list for the 2024 intertextile Greater Bay Area Textile Accessories Exhibition, these representatives of Macao original clothing brands with Macao fashion characteristics and cultural connotations not only convey the Macao fashion spirit to the industry, but also provide Macao’s business needs and market feedback in the first place. Taken to the Greater Bay Area exhibition site, the business atmosphere is straight up.

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