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Heimtextil Comes To A Perfect Conclusion: Innovative Technologies Are Intensively Displayed

Heimtextil Comes To A Perfect Conclusion: Innovative Technologies Are Intensively Displayed

Recently, the Frankfurt International Home and Commercial Textiles Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as Heimtextil) concluded successfully at the Frankfurt Exhibition Center in Germany. It is understood that Heimtextil 2024 has a total of 17 exhibition halls, attracting more than 2,800 brands from 60 countries around the world, with an exhibition area of ​​more than 280,000 square meters, and approximately 46,000 visitors. A total of 2,838 exhibitors from 60 countries participated. Compared with the previous exhibition, the number of exhibitors increased by 25%, and the international level was as high as 95%.

Olaf Schmidt, Vice President of Textiles and Textile Technology Exhibitions at Messe Frankfurt, said, “During the four-day exhibition, Heimtextil, as the world’s largest home and commercial textiles exhibition, brings together the development trends of the global home and commercial textiles industry here. , provides participants with a centralized and efficient business exchange platform. Through the exhibition, you have the opportunity to directly establish contacts and connections with relevant participants in the entire industry around the world. Not only can you learn the latest knowledge and situations, but also here, Everyone can truly see the future based on the present.”


"Rugs and Rugs" - The zone’s first show was a great success

Heimtextil 2024 launched the new "Carpets & Rugs" area with great success. For the first time, the global carpet industry gathered in the same exhibition hall for a centralized exhibition. Among them were many leading international companies that came to Frankfurt for the first time or returned to Frankfurt after many years. They all spoke highly of this exhibition.

The "Carpets and Rugs" area meets the industry's needs for concentrated exhibition of carpet products. When it comes to the future of the industry, exhibitors such as Egypt’s Oriental Weavers Group (OWE) are full of confidence. "We are completely impressed by this zone. The exhibition hall is very beautifully arranged and is an excellent communication platform to promote the development of the industry. There is no doubt that we will return to the 'Carpets and Rugs' zone again next year and the booth area will be greatly increased", OWE said Ahmed El Gamal, export sales manager of subsidiary Mac Carpet.


Econogy standard system - Promote sustainable development

Innovative technologies and topics such as artificial intelligence (AI) and sustainable development appear in this exhibition with unprecedented intensity, providing a solid and effective development foundation for future key technologies. At Heimtextil 2024, for the first time, a wonderful live demonstration was provided on the application of AI in textiles and the use of AI sorting technology to recycle textile waste into new yarn. In the 2024/2025 Heimtextil home textile fashion trend area, the audience's textile design ideas can also be realized in the interactive station through tools such as ChatGPT-4 and Midjourney.

In addition, Heimtextil 2024 once again brings cutting-edge sustainable production processes and initiatives to the scene. As a core component of the exhibition, Heimtextil Trends takes New Sensitivity as its theme, focuses on the continuous transformation of the textile industry, and provides a large number of innovative solutions adapted to the market. Take Ever Dye as an example. The company's self-developed color pigments can be dyed at room temperature; while the AI ​​knitting software provided by Variant 3D can generate complex shapes such as lampshades without creating templates.

At the same time, Heimtextil 2024 also launched the "Econogy" standard system, including the Econogy Finder special directory, Econogy Talks, Econogy Tours and Econogy Hub, which not only enriched the exhibition content, but also demonstrated the diversity, labeling and certification of textile recycling. The relevance and possibilities of textile material applications.


Bedroom, Bathroom, and Sleep - Strong response to system-related textiles

The smart bedding concept has a wide range of applications, covering everything from bedding, sheets and bathroom textiles to mattresses and sleep systems. Not only are many product lines of retail brands displayed on site, but many related products of high-end brands can also be seen. The rich product range aroused enthusiastic response among the attendees.

The 2024 Heimtextil Forum will share high-quality content around the bedding retail and hotel industries, and invite many international experts to explain industry best practice cases, such as bedroom and hotel room design, and the application of artificial intelligence in sleep analysis.


Looking forward to 2025 - Announced official cooperation with Urquiola Studio

The organizers of the Heimtextil exhibition announced that they will cooperate with Urquiola, one of the most important and internationally influential design studios in the world, in 2025. Heimtextil 2025 plans to launch groundbreaking new installations to provide many attendees with a unique immersive design experience. Through this partnership, Milan-based Urquiola Studio will join hands with the well-known textile exhibition Heimtextil to achieve its commitment to innovation, sustainability and design in the entire textile industry.

It is reported that the next Heimtextil (Frankfurt International Home and Commercial Textiles Exhibition) will be held at the Frankfurt Exhibition Center in Germany from January 14 to 17, 2025.


Article sourse: China Textile

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