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Q1 sheet and towel imports: Unit volume outpaces dollar value
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Q1 sheet and towel imports: Unit volume outpaces dollar value

Washington – Within 4 key home textiles categories, imports by unit volume jumped by double-digits in 3 during the first quarter.

In each of the four – cotton sheets, man-made fiber (MMF) sheets, cotton bedspreads & quilts and cotton terry towels – unit volume was stronger than the dollar value of the imports, according to the most recent import numbers from Otexa (the U.S. Office of Textiles and Apparel). The data points to price deflation year-over-year.

Imports into the U.S. of MMF fiber sheets had the biggest spike during the January-March period. The category’s imports jumped 19% by dollar value and climbed nearly 22% in unit value.

China remains the power-house source for MMF sheets, claiming more than 90% share of U.S. imports. Although Pakistan has made inroads, imports from the country fell 10% during the quarter.

India still leads among sourcing countries supplying cotton sheets to the U.S. market, but the import data shows a more balanced among the top 3 sheet-providing countries. Collectively, nearly 94% of cotton sheets coming into the U.S. during Q1 were made in India, Pakistan and China.

Imports of cotton bedspreads and quilts were up sharply on a unit basis, rising over 22%. Dollar value, however, was essentially flat.

Pakistan would up with the biggest share by unit volume, with China taking the lead in share of dollar value. Collectively, the Big Three providers account for nearly 93% of cotton bedspreads and quilts imported into the country during the quarter.

Imports of cotton terry towels and other pile towels were relatively flat on a unit volume basis during Q1 but down 6% by dollar value.

Although China accounted for a smaller share of category imports, it also logged increases in both units and dollar value during the period.

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