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Are curtains the hot new thing for 2024? Yes, says major trend forecaster

Are curtains the hot new thing for 2024? Yes, says major trend forecaster

New York – WGSN’s roster of this year’s top lifestyle trends includes whiz-bang stuff like AI design, cosmetics made from insects and the creation of new hybrid cuisines.

But among the roster of 13 trends – which cover fashion, interiors, beauty, tech and food and drink – is a humble entrant: the window curtain.

“After years of devotion to the window, consumer will start to seek out curtains once again,” according to the WGSN – Top Trends for 2024 & Beyond report.

“In a time of climate crisis, new phase-changing materials protect against increasingly extreme temperatures and can even help purify the air. Indoor-outdoor heroes, curtains capture natural daylight and both diffuse and extend it, making windows seem bigger and offering sensorial benefits; some can even glow at night.”

It also noted that curtains are also being more frequently used as an alternative to hard walls to define and delineate spaces within the home.

“Once considered old-fashioned, curtains will be the newest must-have for homes to refresh rental spaces and those in need of a budget-friendly makeover, or as the final touch to rooms updated in the early pandemic days,” it concluded.


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