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Expanding Markets on Two Fronts: Canton Fair Writes a New Chapter

Expanding Markets on Two Fronts: Canton Fair Writes a New Chapter

In order to help foreign trade enterprises better connect with overseas markets and integrate into the global supply chain, the 134th Canton Fair continues to operate under the "dual-platform" model, combining both online and offline platforms to effectively showcase the allure of Chinese manufacturing. Amid a bustling scene, the Canton Fair writes a new chapter.

Nantong Reador Textile Co., Ltd., which provides textile solutions for industries such as events, hotels, restaurants, and home textiles, can be considered a seasoned participant of the Canton Fair. Following the footsteps of the Canton Fair, Reador has achieved one breakthrough after another in the field of foreign trade, and the fair's integration of online and offline modes has provided significant assistance to the company in breaking away from traditional customer acquisition methods.

The company's sales manager told reporters that through the Canton Fair's online platform, Ruida has established partnership relationships with companies such as Vidaxl in the Netherlands, POCO in Germany, Carrefour in France, and Amazon in the United States.

At this year's Canton Fair, while the company has carefully adjusted and optimized its offline exhibition structure and introduced a batch of new products, it has also maximized the unique advantages and functions of the Canton Fair's online platform. "The online platform allows for flexible and diverse product updates, making our communication with customers more real-time and efficient. Even before the third phase began, we successfully attracted customers from countries like Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Australia, Russia, and the United States for online negotiations. Currently, we have received intention orders totaling over $350,000, as well as inquiries from 16 customers who have agreed to meet at the booth," said the company's sales manager.

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