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Can't sleep at night? Maybe you didn’t choose the right color for the bedding.
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Can't sleep at night? Maybe you didn’t choose the right color for the bedding.

There are many factors that affect sleep, and the color of bedding is one of them.
Color affects sleep because there is a special photoreceptor cell in the retina - ganglion cells. This cell transmits color information to the part of the brain that controls the body's 24-hour rhythm, thereby affecting sleep state.

Today I will teach you how to choose bedding that suits you!


1. Orange: Suitable for the elderly

Orange belongs to the warm tones in the bedding color system, which brings a sense of warmth to people and makes people feel happy. Orange bedding can eliminate the cold feeling in the bedroom and make the bedroom bright and energetic. It can also promote appetite and Calcium absorption is more suitable for the elderly.


2. Blue: Suitable for white-collar office workers

Blue is especially suitable for white-collar workers who overuse their brains. It is easily absorbed by the nerve cells on the retina. After being absorbed by the nerve cells, these cells will send signals to the brain to tell you that you are in a quiet and peaceful environment at this time. Very good to relax and relieve stress.


3. Green: Suitable for people with anxiety

Green represents nature, vitality and peace. If you often feel anxious and emotionally unstable, it is recommended that you change your bedding to bright green, which will relax your tense emotions.


4. Gray: People who pursue fashion

Gray bedding is simple and unobtrusive. It is a fashionable and high-end color. It is very attractive and can enhance the bedroom environment, creating a harmonious and atmospheric feeling, making the bedroom modern, low-key and elegant.



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