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Choose A Quilt That Suits You In Winter!
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Choose A Quilt That Suits You In Winter!

Share some experiences on choosing quilts for autumn and winter.

Quilts are mainly classified according to filling materials. Common ones include down quilts, silk quilts, wool quilts, cotton quilts, soybean quilts, etc. Most people may think that buying a quilt is better. Of course, the more expensive the price, the better, but Xiaoyuan I don’t think so. Each type of quilt has its own meaning. The more expensive the quilt, the better. The one that suits you is the best.


Duvet quilt

Suitable people: People who like "lightweight" and unrestrained feeling

Down is reed-flower-shaped down that grows on the abdomens of geese and ducks. It is an animal protein fiber. Its spherical fibers are densely covered with thousands of tiny triangular pores, which can contain a large amount of still air and absorb the flow emitted by the human body. The hot air prevents the intrusion of cold air from the outside and has excellent thermal insulation performance; it can shrink and expand with changes in temperature to produce a temperature-regulating function, and can be used at temperatures between 25 degrees and minus 40 degrees.

Each scale of down is hollow and contains a large amount of still air. It is warm, breathable, fluffy, light and does not weigh down the body, which are its significant advantages. It is especially suitable for use by expectant mothers (no pressure on the body), middle-aged and elderly people (warm and breathable), and children (breathable without pressure on the body, preventing the quilt from being kicked off).


Silk quilt

Suitable people: People with sensitive skin and frequent insomnia

Silk quilts are filled with silk, which is a natural animal protein fiber. It is rich in amino acids, which can release sleep factors and help you fall asleep as soon as possible; it also has good skin-friendly properties, light texture, and will not absorb a lot of dust due to static electricity; if you have sensitive skin, excessive work pressure, and often find it difficult to fall asleep, It is recommended that you replace the quilts at home with silk quilts.


Wool quilt

Suitable people: People who sweat easily while sleeping

Wool is a natural active animal fiber and one of the oldest thermal insulation materials in human history. It has a strong moisture absorption and perspiration function and can create a dry and comfortable sleeping environment. Studies have shown that its hygroscopicity is excellent no matter what the humidity conditions are. Compared to conventional synthetic fibers and cotton. It can also regulate human body temperature, and the sleeping temperature reaches a constant temperature of 32.7°C. With constant temperature and humidity, it is not easy to generate static electricity, allowing the body to maintain the most suitable temperature for sleeping. If you often sweat while sleeping, the wool quilt is a quilt tailor-made for you.


Cotton quilt

Suitable people: Suitable for people who are used to sleeping under thick quilts, high cost performance

Cotton is a pure plant fiber. It has no irritation when in contact with the skin. It has good warmth retention and strong heat storage capacity. Especially after the cotton quilt is dried, the elasticity of the cotton fiber recovers and the elasticity increases. Covering the body at night makes people feel very considerate. If you like a warm and solid feeling, it is recommended to choose a cotton quilt. It does not have the floating feeling of a down quilt and is very close to the body. It is safer and more breathable than synthetic fibers, more user-friendly than silk quilts, easy to take care of, and more affordable.



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