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Covering With Silk In Autumn Has So Many Benefits!
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Covering With Silk In Autumn Has So Many Benefits!

The temperature in autumn is unpredictable, and many people worry about how to choose a suitable quilt. In fact, to cope with this kind of hot and cold weather, silk quilts with many benefits and advantages are most suitable.


1. Two-way constant temperature, perfect for changing seasons

Among all quilts, silk quilts are second to none in terms of comfort. Silk has a hollow structure and excellent moisture absorption and breathability, so the silk quilt has a two-way temperature regulation function. It can reduce the speed of temperature dissipation at low temperatures and play a role in heat preservation. When the temperature is too high, it can discharge excess heat in time, keeping the bed temperature basically close to the human body. When the cold air comes, it can keep you warm and not feel cold, and the high temperature in summer can be reversed. You won’t feel hot or dry during the day, it’s suitable for both cold and warm weather, and it’s perfect for the changing seasons.


2. Soft and delicate, helpful for sleep

Silk is a natural fiber that is light, soft and fine in nature. It is known as the "second skin of the human body" and is called the "Queen of Fibers" by the industry. Its main component is pure natural animal protein fiber, which is similar to human skin, with a similarity rate of 87%. Silk fiber contains a variety of essential amino acids and is skin-friendly. Whether it is filled into a quilt or made into a silk four-piece set, it can give the body a gentle touch, thereby reducing the body's pressure and tension and improving sleep quality.


3. Moisture-absorbent, breathable and durable

Silk has a porous animal protein structure and has strong moisture absorption and moisture conduction capabilities. When you sleep on a silk quilt, it will "breathe" on its own: the moisturizing factors in the fiber can significantly help the skin automatically adjust moisture, making the quilt dry and comfortable but not It will dry out and protect the skin while making the silk quilt less likely to harden, making it durable and having a service life of more than ten years.


4. Healthy and antibacterial, suitable for all ages

Silk has strong air permeability and good hygroscopicity, so it will not generate static electricity due to dry air. Dust and dirt are not easy to adhere. The growth environment of bacteria and mites is limited and it is not easy to breed and reproduce. It is suitable for men, women and children, and is suitable for people with sensitive constitutions and resistance. It is very friendly to weak children and the elderly.


5. Strong wrapping feeling, close-fitting and comfortable

Silk is light in texture but has good fit. When covered on the body, it can fit the body curve very well. It does not float on the surface of the body like a down quilt, nor does it give people a sense of oppression like old cotton quilts. It has a strong wrapping feeling. No matter how you turn over, it can wrap your body perfectly without making the rustling noise of the duvet, and it can also reduce problems such as colds and colds caused by air leakage from the quilt.



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