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The Difference Between Bed Sheets/Bed Covers/Fitted Sheets/Bed Skirts
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The Difference Between Bed Sheets/Bed Covers/Fitted Sheets/Bed Skirts

1. Four-piece bed sheet set

The bed sheet style is the most common four-piece set style currently on the market. Bed sheets are a single piece of fabric that covers the mattress. They are cut and sewn from a single layer of fabric. They are divided into right-angled sheets and rounded-corner sheets. The overall sheet is relatively light and thin.

Advantages: suitable for mattresses of various sizes, soft and comfortable texture, moisture-absorbent and breathable, easy to clean.

Disadvantages: Because the texture is thin, the slip resistance is average, and the low density makes it easy to shift and wrinkle.


2. Four-piece bed cover set

The bed cover model is a relatively rare type of four-piece bedding set on the market. The difference between it and a bed sheet is that the bed sheet is a single layer of fabric, while the bed cover is a quilted bedding in the middle. It can be simply understood as a thick bed sheet with quilting. The bed cover looks similar to a latex mat and can be spread or covered.

Advantages: overall stiff and stylish, flat on the bed and not easy to wrinkle or shift, good moisture absorption and warmth retention.

Disadvantages: thicker after absorbing water, more troublesome to clean, not as soft and waxy as bed sheets.


3. Four-piece fitted sheet set

Unlike sheets and bed covers, fitted sheets have rubber bands sewn on the four corners, which can be fastened around the mattress and completely wrap the mattress. It is similar to a mattress protector. Its main function is to protect the mattress. It will not be stained by dust, dirt, or scratched, ensuring that the mattress is clean and hygienic.

Advantages: good stability, non-slip, not easy to shift, easy to clean.

Disadvantages: Relatively thin, average warmth retention effect, mattress size requirements.


4. Bedskirt four-piece set

Unlike bed sheets, bed skirts are made from multiple pieces of fabric and have skirt-like pleats. Both sheets and bed covers can be made into bed skirt styles. The bed skirt style covers the part of the mattress that is the same size as the mattress, and the skirt is drooping. It can decorate the room, and can also perfectly hide the bed frame and debris under the bed.

Advantages: good decorative effect.

Disadvantages: High requirements for size fit, unable to adapt to mattresses of various sizes.



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