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The Order Of Covering The Quilt Will Affect The Warmth Retention Effect

The Order Of Covering The Quilt Will Affect The Warmth Retention Effect

Have you ever been unable to keep your bed warm when you sleep in winter? Even after covering yourself with two or three quilts, you still feel cold? This is most likely because you put the quilt on in the wrong order! The principle of keeping the quilt warm is to rely on the amount of air retained in the filling in the quilt to relatively slow down the air flow and isolate the cold air outside from the hot air inside, thereby achieving the effect of keeping warm.

1. Putting the quilt on top of the blanket will reduce the warmth by half.

Both quilts and blankets have heat storage effect, but if you put the blanket on first, the gaps between the fibers of the blanket will be small, and it will be difficult to dissipate heat after heat accumulation, which will weaken the thermal insulation effect. Covering the quilt with a blanket will only make you feel colder.

2. Put the blanket on top of the quilt to increase the warmth by half.

Quilts are more fluffy than blankets. After the body transfers heat to the quilt, the quilt will expand and accumulate more hot air, and then transfer the heat back to the human body to keep warm! So putting on a quilt first will keep you warmer than putting on a blanket first.

3. Adding a silk quilt inside the quilt will increase the warmth several times.

Silk quilt is light, moisture-absorbent and breathable, with good warmth retention and wrapping feel. The silk quilt will form a multi-layered network structure during the process of being pulled. In addition, the silk itself has a certain degree of curvature, so there is plenty of air in the silk quilt. The stagnant air is a poor conductor of heat and can absorb The hot air emitted by the human body cannot enter the cold air. Adding a silk quilt under the quilt is like wearing a thoughtful cotton jacket to keep warm and comfortable.

4. Sandwich covering method, very warm.

The "sandwich covering method" uses a quilt on top and a blanket on the bottom. The person is placed between the quilt and blanket. If you wear another pair of socks, the thermal insulation effect can reach 200%.
The human body continuously dissipates heat while sleeping. If the heat diffuses too fast, you will feel cold. Controlling the diffusion speed can keep you warm. As mentioned above, both quilts and blankets have good heat storage effects. Covering the top with a quilt and a blanket below can achieve a double temperature locking effect on the upper and lower parts of the human body. Therefore, the "sandwich covering method" is more warm than the other three methods.

In addition, the padding will be thicker than the cover and will keep you warmer.

According to the order of thermal conductivity value, solid > liquid > gas. The thermal conductivity of solid is higher than that of gas, so the first thing to feel cold is the bottom. And because the thermal conductivity of the bed board is greater than that of air, the back of the mattress needs to be thicker to ensure enough The amount of air retained to insulate the bed from the cold. The back is most afraid of the cold (we have all heard of the back being cold, but we have never heard of the chest being cold), so when the back is warm, almost the whole body is also warm.

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