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Why Do I Advise You To Wear A Wool Quilt In Autumn And Winter?
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Why Do I Advise You To Wear A Wool Quilt In Autumn And Winter?

After the temperature drops, when I go to bed at night, there is already a cold feeling in the north, and it starts to feel significantly cooler in the south. In order to have a good and warm sleep, buying a quilt has become a major seasonal event for most people. However, there are so many types of winter quilts, and materials such as wool, silk, chemical fiber, down, etc. are everywhere, which often makes people confused about which one to choose.

If you have the same problem, you might as well try a wool quilt, because most people who buy wool quilts not only have no regrets, but regret not discovering this treasure earlier.


Why is a wool quilt worth buying?

1. More comfortable than quilt

Anyone who has been covered with a ten-pound quilt should have this experience: keeping warm is good, but it is also like a thousand pounds of stone pressing on the body, making people feel breathless. Wool quilts are different. 1 cubic centimeter of wool weighs only 1.32g, while cotton weighs 1.54g. At the same volume, wool is about 17% lighter than cotton. It keeps warm but does not burden the body or cause excessive stress. It is light and does not cause the problem of the quilt not being close to the body, but it is very comfortable and therefore more conducive to deep sleep.

In addition, although quilts have a good thermal insulation effect, their moisture wicking properties are relatively weak, so they are prone to quickly reduce their thermal insulation effect due to moisture and hardening, causing problems such as getting colder and heavier as you cover them. Wool fiber is highly curled, has good moisture absorption and breathability, and can store a large amount of air, so it heats up quickly and has a much better heat storage and warmth preservation effect than cotton quilts.


2. More breathable than chemical fiber quilts

Chemical fiber quilts are economical and cheap, but have poor moisture absorption, breathability, and skin-friendly properties. They can easily become stuffy and airtight when worn on the body. If the air is dry, the fiber will contain less moisture, which can easily generate static electricity, causing dry and itchy skin. The wool quilt not only absorbs and wicks away moisture, but is also naturally skin-friendly, so you can sleep more peacefully without static electricity.


3. Warmer than silk quilt

Silk quilts have good moisture absorption and breathability, but their thermal insulation effect is average, so they are often used in spring and summer quilts. If you want to use it as a winter quilt, you need to fill it with silk weighing seven or eight pounds, which is very expensive.

Wool is naturally curly and has superior elasticity, so that the wool quilt can naturally recover to more than 90% of its original thickness after being compressed, thereby maintaining fluffy and softness. Therefore, it can store a large amount of still air, effectively preventing the body's volatilized heat from quickly dissipating to the quilt. In addition, it can also prevent cold air from outside from entering the quilt, so the wool quilt not only heats up quickly, but also has a very good heat storage and insulation effect, making it more suitable for use in the cooling autumn and winter seasons.


4. More secure than a duvet

In terms of warmth retention performance, down quilts are the best, but their down can easily cause allergies. Because the quilt is too thin, it will move around in the quilt cover, and the fit is not as good as that of a wool quilt. Light sleepers may find it difficult to fall asleep due to the lack of security of being covered. And a down bed can easily cost tens of thousands of yuan, making it unaffordable.

Wool quilts are second only to down quilts in terms of warmth retention. They are moderate in weight and have good wrapping properties when covering the body. They are neither as heavy as cotton quilts nor as light as down quilts. The slight pressing and wrapping feeling helps to relax the body and mind and deepen deep sleep , enter a better sleep state.



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